Camp NaNo Log - 7/2

Hello everyone!

Seeing as how I'm heartily sick of writing nothing but tags and linkups (even though I'm overdue on both *cries*)....I decided to try something new.

Because I decided to work on all 7 of my WIPS (I discovered later that I had miscounted, oops) for this Camp, I had to break it up in some fashion. So I decided to work on one WIP per day to keep things interesting. And to keep track of everything, I decided to keep a log of what I was doing.

Then I thought to myself, why not share it so y'all get to see some of the behind the scenes stuff?!

So, each day of Camp NaNo, I'll be sharing what I worked on that day. Which could be any of the following: character sheets, world-building, plotting, aesthetics, and snippets!

I didn't work yesterday - funny thing, I now have this tradition of NOT working on the first day of Camp NaNo. Last July, it was for a 50th anniversary party. April was because of Easter. And this July...was because I went to a young adults social picnic with volleyball and sizzling temperatures. Needless to say, brain was fried.

So, my first day of work was today, 7/2. I managed to work almost 1.5 hours (out of a 30 goal).

WIP of the Day:

Yes, I changed the mock cover to match The White Rose. I'm super satisfied with it!

What was I doing:


I started doing these with writing The White Rose and it really really helped keep stuff straight. So now, I have a standardized template, an example of which can be seen here below:


Name: Conlaoch Leofwine, Prince
Title(s): 1st Prince of Aistaraina
Nicknames: Conri

Physical Description:
Height and Build: 5'9”, weight around 180 lbs
Hair: dark, short hair, very little stubble
Eyes: dark misty grey
Ethnicity: Aistarainian
Other: has a rugged look to his face, Also has a small, rather insignificant scar that runs at an angle near his eye from an old training-exercise accident

Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Temperament: Melancholy 

Favorite Activity:

Place of Residence: Cynsige Castle, Aistaraina

Significant Dates:
Birth -
Mark of the Dove -

Notes: He is the eldest son of King Ealdraed, and has been preparing to be a great warrior and protector of his land and people. Has a couple pet wolves. 

Other: Conlaoch is of Irish origin, and means “chief lord”. Leofwine is comprised of two Germanic elements: leof (which means desirable, friendly) and wine (which means friend). His nickname ConrĂ­ is also Celtic, and it means 'wolf king'.   


This is the standard, bare-bones version. I'll add other things (such as marriage and children, symbols, love language, etc.) as needed.

All of my MCs and major side characters get their own sheet, and minor characters will share a sheet (mostly, it's two characters splitting a sheet, although sometimes I'll mention minor characters on a main sheet as well).

I managed to get all the character sheets written up - so that's one thing off my list!

What do you think of this post idea? Any suggestions on which WIP to work on tomorrow?

Scribbingly yours,


P.S. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm forced to go on a comment hiatus until further notice. I'll still reply to comments on my own blogs, but I won't be doing much else. I'm terribly sorry - I'll be back as soon as I can!!

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  1. What an awesome idea! For my FPA story I had a few notes, but not nearly as detailed as these! I think I'll try this for a plot bunny I have...

    1. Thank you, MC!! I apparently thrive on details....
      Definitely try it - I hope it works for you!

  2. Cool post! I like your character sheets! Mine always turn out to be waaayyy too complicated......

    1. Thank you Rachael!! It can be super easy to complicate these things - keep things general!

  3. Cool sheets! It's suuuuuuuper cool that Conri has pet wolves!

    1. Thank you Lila!

      For some reason, wolves play a role in this story - maybe because I listened to Adrian von Ziegler's Wolf Blood while I was initially plotting it, LOL.

  4. Awesome idea! I hope you complete all your goals! Have fun during NaNo. <3


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