Camp NaNo Log - 7/26-7/30 and 777 Challenge!

1:25 PM

Hello everyone!

Well the madness is finally settling down now as we race through the home stretch of Camp.

I, for one, am glad that Camp is finally winding down. While it was wonderful to be with my Camp buddies again, the project took much more stretching on my part than I had anticipated, especially with my work schedule. I can safely say that November NaNoWriMo (unless something drastic changes) is out of the question for this year *cries*.

And I dearly would like to start writing real blog posts again....

But enough of the pity party. Let's get to the log!


WIP of the Day: 

What I did: 

Transferred hand-written notes, which included a previously forgotten scene. Still not completed.

After looking at these notes, they are the most convoluted mess that I've ever seen. In hindsight, I should have just focused on this WIP during Camp. Oh well, it's water under the bridge now....


WIP of the Day: 

What I did: 

Same as the previous day, transferring handwritten notes, the bulk of which were previously untyped scenes. There are still some notes that are not typed up yet, nor is the backup completed.

7/28-7/29: Break. A much needed one. 


WIP of the Day: 

What I did:

Worked on a lot of Character related stuff: made partial character sheets for all the main and side characters, improved the Pinterest board, added several songs to my playlist and created an avatar for one of my characters.

May I introduce to you, Miss Moll Saunders, otherwise known as Thieving Magpie:

Name: Moll Saunders
Nickname: Thieving Magpie

Physical Description:
Height and Build: 5'7", 140 lbs.
Hair: Reddish black
Eyes: Green-blue
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, English

Age: 26
Marital Status: Married (via common-law), to Ernest "Tall Tide" Dacre.
Temperament: Sanguine Choleric

Favorite Activities: Drinking rum, singing, talking.

Place of Residence: The Mayden of Valor, Tall Tide's ship.

Notes: Has a low soprano/high alto voice.

Theme Song: "Cooper's Rum" by Ye Banished Privateers

Just saying, this song is extremely catchy and fits Moll Saunders to a T - even the voice!

With the work on the 30th, I managed to totally hit my goal of 30 hours! Hence, I took today to finish my last log and work on my Camp NaNo wrap-up post (which will be posted sometime tomorrow, I hope!)

Before I sign off, I have one last thing to share with you:

The 777 Challenge.

Jane Maree tagged all of us in the Fellowship of the Keyboards to do the 777 challenge a couple of weeks ago. It's basically the same thing as the 7777 challenge that I did earlier this year. After all, who doesn't love snippets from your cabinmate's works?

There is only one problem....

I wasn't working on a story per se. Not in the original context of the challenge anyway.

So, I am going to be creative.

I have 7 WIPs (technically 8, so the last will be a bonus). So, I shall share a previously unshared snippet from each one of them. And no, they will not be from the 7th page (not all of them ARE seven pages, so we roll with what we have) nor will all of them be 7 lines long (simply because of contextual problems...totally not because of spoilers, I promise!). 

With that said, off we go!

Gail tried to scrunch down further into the old cloth seat. Of course, it had to be the most gorgeous park ranger greeting them to the stinking state park.

“You know he can still see you, Abby.” Vickie's condescending tone ever mismatching her angelic face as she filed her nails in the typical tween fashion. Gail only stuck her tongue out at her sister.

“He saw that, too; Abby.” Vickie's taunting tone merited a slap. Instead, she only got a Look from Bethany Duncan before turning her smiling eyes on the hot ranger as he handed some papers to her husband.

As Ciara was walking along the docks, she spotted a gentleman near the customs house. He reminded her of a well-to-do sea captain with his dark blue coat and breeches with white stockings and the silver buckles on his shoes. The white plumes on his hat often would brush over his face, and his comic expression when flicking them back made Ciara want to chuckle. 

Just as she turned back, Ciara saw her hired driver suddenly pulling his arm backward. A whirl of bright yellow, dark green and red stripes soon tackled the driver to the dock and started a tremendous row. Grace screamed hysterically as a crowd began to form around the fighters.

As he dashed through the milk house at 10 minutes to 5...because of course he would hit every single red light in downtown Lancaster...John managed to step on at least two kittens tails and almost tripped over their mother. All of whom yowled in protest. It upset him so much that he ran into the office door without opening it first. 

Thoroughly wishing that God had created humans with the ability to melt through solid objects, John rammed his time card into the machine.

“And that hunk of ice over there is Eric Gerard.” Will Chagney moved his knife to indicate his companion.

Kestrel grinned and said in a half-whisper in Jessamine's direction, “He’s a hunk all right, just not of ice.” To which, Jessamine hushed her friend by kicking her gently. In an effort to change the subject, Jessamine said rather sassily, “Eric Gerard? That’s a Phantomish name if I ever heard one.”

Eric, to his credit, blushed a little. “My mother. She is obsessed over the Phantom of the Opera, especially the 2004 movie. I wouldn't be surprised if my father's last name had an impact on her decision to marry him!" 

As his siblings scoured the potato field, John readied the grain that had to be sent off to the market the next day. It killed him inside to see such good oats to be sent over the ocean. But, a nation's debts are not easily paid.

A gentle spasm of coughing caused him to look up. He then saw his mother, looking out to the last field of potatoes. Her creased brows and sad eyes spoke more than her soft words did.

"It be better next year, boy."

John sighed. She had said that at this time last year. He had not seen any difference.

Eirwen read his hesitation. “Is it because you are here to celebrate a marriage feast with a lot of eligible and courtly women?” 

Gareth laughed. “That thought passed through my mind. But no. I did not hear of the marriage feast until I was halfway here. No, I am here on military matters.”

“Not the Trellech Uprising?”

Gareth looked at her in surprise. “You know about the events in Gwent?”

Upon entering the street, Mrs. Johnson was surprised at the number of horse-drawn wagons that were moving towards the center of Laboure. She suddenly realized why the streets were so wide with sidewalks on either side now and was glad. She didn’t feel like competing with a pair of Percherons or a carriage pulled by an Arabian for the road anyway.

Mrs. Dennis came up beside her after locking her door. “It’s market day today? Hmm. Glad we went shopping today instead of tomorrow. In that case, I’m going to go the milliners first and then the post office before going into the market. Meet you at the post office then?”


At the sound of her name being blasted through the corridors, the maiden capitulated out of her bed. The sun, being rather miffed that his ministrations hadn’t worked, went off and hid behind a cloud.

Rubbing the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes, Janina hastily grabbed her robe from the end of the bed. Securing the sash around her waist, she walked quickly to the door and opened it.

Standing in the corridor, another older maiden turned towards her with undisguised annoyance. She crossed her green-clad arms as her dark green eyes took in her sister’s disheveled appearance.

Well then, that's that, I suppose.

Except, I must know....what was your favorite thing from Camp this year, if you participated? Do you have theme songs for your characters? Which one of the 7 snippets was your favorite (or least favorite?) 

Until tomorrow then!

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Wow! How do you keep track of all of your novels? XD Teach me your ways!!

  2. Congrats, Catherine. On reaching your goal! :D *throws confetti*
    By the way where did you make (of find) the picture Moll Saunders?

  3. What a great post! loved reading your snippets! That is a lot of WIP's to work on! I bet they keep you busy! :) Camp Nano was really great for me, it was my first time. I was able to meet my goal and am very happy with my WIP. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  4. Oh all these snippets are beautiful! Poor John in Plain and Simple Truth...I feel his pain. *sigh* The Rose of Culmore one was lovely, and I think my third favorite was from Shattered Chandelier. ...I think. :)

  5. Yay! I loved ALL OF THE SNIPPETS (and covers, they are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!) My favorite thing from my Camp Nano (aside from actually FINISHING IT O_O) was how far ahead I plowed through on my WIP.


  6. You have so many WIPs... O_o HOW DO YOU DO IT?!!?
    Ahhh, I love your snippets! Your writing style is so lovely!! <333

  7. LOVE your snippets, Catherine! And HOW DO YOU MANAGE SO MANY???? That is a gift!

    My favorite things from Camp were actually starting the novel that I have been planning since December, and being with awesome Cabin Mates of course!!! XD And yes, I do have theme songs for my characters. ;-)


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