Camp NaNo Log 7/4 &7/5

8:53 PM

Hello everyone!

Happy belated 4th of July!

It honestly doesn't feel like it's almost midway through summer. It certainly didn't feel like the 4th yesterday - then again, I worked at the dairy pretty much all day and went to bed early. That was a terrible mistake - have you ever tried to sleep through a big fireworks show that your neighbors are setting off right outside of your wall?????

Hence the reason why my post never went up yesterday - so I'm playing double duty today. Oh well.

On to the progress report!

July 4: 

WIP of the Day: 

I had intended to introduce this WIP properly via a Meet the Books linkup (that I am now well over 3 weeks late on....). I still intend to do it - just have to finish a few odds and ends.... 

To give a brief idea of what it's about, it's an old contemporary/Amish novel from high school that I'm completely renovating. 

What I Did

Plotting - and transferring notes. I didn't get very far in the hour and a half that I worked - only got the main points of the character arcs cemented. I still have a long ways to go yet.... 

In addition to that, I added a few songs to my pitiful Spotify playlist for this WIP. It's still only about an hour long, but it's better than it was!

Also, I created Shaxpir files for all 7 of the WIPs. Before, only The White Rose and From the Cave were on there. Even though I'll still have Word backups, I plan to use Shaxpir as my main writing software program. (Which reminds me...I never did write that review of that....*sigh* working on it!!!!!

July 5: 

WIP of the Day: 

Mock cover to change later this month! 

What I did: 

I copied over my two chapters from Wattpad, and typed up the long synopsis and part of a new chapter that I had previously handwritten.

I also found some potential images for a new mock cover, and opened up a Pinterest board for this story. Right now, it's super stacked with pins about acting, so I'll not share it at this time.

I also updated the Word backups for both today's and yesterday's works. Last thing I need is to lose work!

And for an extra treat, here is a snippet from "Shattered Chandelier":

"So. You are two recent college graduates and are looking for a job in theater."
"Yes, sir." Jessamine's voice felt very unsteady to her.
"Any experience?" His fat wrist nestled among the papers.
Jessamine and Kestrel exchanged nervous glances. Their drama instructors' mock interview was nothing like this.
"In what manner, sir?" Jessamine asked.
Stank's balding head came up slowly up from the mountain of papers. "Show experience, miss."
Jessamine nodded.
"I've performed in two small shows on campus as well as some private plays." Kestrel's voice sounded like pottery cracking as she forced the words out.
Jessamine shifted uncomfortably. "Just a couple of Nativity plays, most of my stage experience was in the two years I was a dancer."
"What trope."
"A small local dance group that taught Broadway style dancing in a small town. I doubt you'll recognize the name."
"Try me."
Jessamine hesitated. "Einelram Dance Studio in Rocktown?"
Stank's head breached the surface with a twinkle in his eye. "No doubt, you were instructed by Miss Charlotte?"
Jessamine's eyes were wide. "Yes! How did you..."

And there, I leave you till tomorrow!

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Love your snippet!!!

    Also YES, the fireworks. So loud. It was like a war zone out there. XD

  2. Great snippet! And I really like your covers, especially the first one!

  3. I love the snippet, Catherine! :D your style of writing is so beautiful.
    -Quinley (Tes.)


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