Camp NaNo Log - 7/6

Hello everyone!

I'm beginning to really settle into this pattern of working of each of my WIPs for at least an hour. Why I never tried an hours goal before baffles me. I don't feel nearly as rushed as I did this past July or April.

I'm also beginning to notice that this gigantum task of organizing all my notes for all my WIPs is taking a LOT longer than I had anticipated. I know, it's only been a week, but already it feels I'm only taking little pebbles out of a huge mountain.

Well, at least I'll make my goal for once....who knows, it may continue into August...or even November at this rate.

Anyhoo, onto the progress report:

WIP of the Day:

John Callahan has lost his crops and his family to the Irish Potato Famine. Desperate to escape the pain, he moves north with a friend to find work in Derry, Ireland. He ends up in Culmore, where he meets a bonny lass by the name of Rose O'Neill. But...Rose is bound for America and wants nothing to do with John. Can he change her mind?

What did I do today? 

Only finished copied over previously typed up chapters into Shaxpir and the Word backup. I did open up some character sheets.  

Also created avatars for my two main characters, Rose and John: 

Not bad - for only an hours work :). And now to go chase dairy cows....again....

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. Your characters look awesome Catherine! :D I love their outfits.

  2. Ooooh, sounds interesting! I love the avatars you made!

  3. An hours goal sounds genius, really. What a great way to ensure that you're actually putting thought into your writing, rather than just pounding out your quota of words for the day. (I plead guilty to this.)

    And Rose of Culmore sounds gorgeous. I would read it in a heartbeat.

    1. I couldn't agree more - time seems to benefit me more than words. Being a slow drafter, that's super important to me :).

      Awww, thank you, Megan!!!

  4. The avatars look great! And I LOVE the title of your story! :)


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