Musing on February, Hailing March (2020)

12:16 AM

It may not seem like it, but I promise I actually did do something this month.



And I promise that it's not a shabby little contribution either.

Well, maybe there are a few loose threads....and come to think of it, there is that little hole there....but we'll just ignore those and move on to the more interesting stuff, shall we???

1. STILL editing/drafting The White Rose, and it's going slower and slower as time drags on. I'm surprised that there are no furrows behind her as I drag this little brat around. I'm in the home stretch, but getting the motivation to work on it is awful. Doesn't help whenever the muse gets a bright idea to re-write the scene only to discover later that the rewrite makes even less sense than the original and the alphas tell you to re-write it back or else (which I appreciate very much, don't get me wrong). 

2. Been digging into some of my old Kindle books...more or less to ingrain some decent writing into my brain as I slog though TWR. Highly effective strategy. 

3. Been thinking about doing a Pinterest re-brand, now that I've re-done my private Pinterest page. Might be a good time to look at my other social media too, and maybe finally link up my YouTube page, LOL. If anyone has any branding suggestions, I'm all ears. 

4. Lia and I had our annual Valentine's Day movie watch-along, this year it was Cinderella 2015. The original plan was to do a Cinderella marathon but that fell through - trying to coordinate around our schedules was a nightmare.  

5. My fam has fallen head over heels in love with an 80s TV show called The A-Team. We got the first season for Christmas and have gotten the second season recently as a present for my mom. Each episode gets a little zanier, and I love it to pieces. I may or may not be whistling the epic theme song as I'm trying to kick the dust up at work, LOL. 

For Working by Candlelight, I published 3 posts: Workbasket Post: The Abandoned Flannel JumperThe Gateway is Not the Entirety of the Castle, and In the Kitchen: A Traditional Lenten Meal.

For The Rebelling Muse, I wrote 2 posts: Shaxpir Collab with Sarah Rodecker, and 3 Year Blogoversary....Late Again. I'm actually surprised I wrote anything at all, considering how the rest of my life is going right about now....

For The Cat in the Barnyard, I wrote no posts, as I've made no progress on my Jefferson research.

For Rebellious Writing, I wrote 1 post: Book Review: Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin. Also contributed to an upcoming Round Table Discussion.

For Maidens for Mary, I wrote no posts, though I plan on publishing an old Lenten draft soon. 

Goal #1 (TWR): Continued editing, have reached 84k words!!! In the homestretch!!

Goal #2 (Platform): No progress, but I have a goal of re-branding some of the pages and am thinking of making a separate email account for the author platform in the near future.

Goal #3 (April NaNo): No progress. To be expected, but planning will definitely take place next month!

Goal #4 (NaNo): No progress. To be expected.

Goal #5 (Movies): No progress. To be expected, unfortunately.

Goal #6 (Library): No progress. Been procrastinating again.

Goal #7 (Vlogs): No progress. Definitely procrastinating again.

March promises to be kinda chaotic in the writing sector, I think. Besides trying to get TWR finally finished once and for all (and believe you me, it seems to go slower and slower every single week), there is April's Camp NaNo to consider. And there may or may not be a brief fling with Fair Winds for a week.....

How about you, my dear friends? How has February treated you? 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. The A-Team!!!! That really is a great TV show, though it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. And that theme song . . . <3333

    I hope you have an awesome March, Catherine, and good luck with continuing TWR edits! You’ve got this!!

  2. I somehow completely forgot about Camp Nano (namely the fact that it is in 30 days!) I think I'll probably do it, if just to force myself to actually work on The Hedgehog King...
    And the headers look cute!

    Eeeeeeeeeeeep I hope you have a lovely March!!! <33

  4. I'm so curious to see how they do Camp this year with the new website and all.

    I hope your edits come together! You've got this. Keep pressing on!

  5. Oh, Camp NaNo. I hope to do it, but I've been super busy lately. EEEEPPP!!! You're so close to finishing The White Rose!!!


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