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So I got a wonderful surprise in my blogger feed the other day....a Meet the Books Linkup from Belle @ Worlds of Ink and Paper! Y'all should go over and follow her blog, she posts some amazing stuff :) You can see her post HERE

I'm so excited to participate in this linkup. Alas, it will be for the last time (at least for the foreseeable future) from my own brood. Because in this post, I will be introducing the baby of the family - Ancora Spei! 

*holds up Ancora who gurgles and waves his favorite toy plane around* 

(if y'all don't remember this analogy, please read this post). 

What is the genre?

Utopian. That would probably be the best descriptor of what kind of genre would best fit it. 

What is the title? Time period?

At the moment, it's only got a working title and that is Ancora Spei. Translated from Latin, it means Anchor of Hope.

It's set at least 100 years into the future, though that may be shortened if America collapses within 20 years. But let's pray that it doesn't, because that would be terrible. 

How is it written (Point of view, MC, etc.)?

Third person omniscent. Because of the current vignette nature of the piece, I thought it best to put it in this POV. It switches to several different POVs throughout the piece. 

Who are the characters?

Oh boy. There is already a huge character list. So be prepared. 

Tavi Youseuf - A Maronite Catholic who was rescued from Syria by the Ancoran military. He is a historian and gets a position in Laboure, the capital of Ancora Spei. 

The Eriksons - a Swedish couple named James and Bridget, both environmental journalists. They are studying the Ancoran agriculture. 

Marietta Sullivan - a teacher at a Norvus Ordo Catholic school who recently emigrated to Ancora after being throughly persecuted for following Catholic teaching (it is a thing, unfortunately). 

Mrs. Johnson - sister in law to Sarah Dennis, who is visiting from America for an extended time as her husband makes arrangements for the family to settle in Ancora. 

Mr. Ashton - a customer at a general store. 

Mr. Godfrey - the general store owner. 

Amanda - secretary to the Tribunal at Laboure. 

The Winters: a farming family in Ancora. Only the father and a son named Noah are mentioned. 

Dennis Family: one of the families that settled during the second wave. Consists of a husband named John and wife named Sarah. They have several children, named Lousia, Felicity, Garret, Veronica, Stanley, Tommy, and Dominic. 

Richardson Family: One of the first families to live in Ancora Spei and leading citizens. They are Traditional Catholics with a farming background. The wife, Jessica, and the two older daughters Marietta and Elizabeth (Liesl) are members of the Order of St. Joan of Arc (J'Arcs for short) and the father and sons are also members of the Order of St. Michael.
Liesl Richardson: Has a childhood romance with Charles, the son of Jessica's best friend. They make many attempts to prepare for marriage together.
Jacinta Richardson: Had a sort of childhood romance with the young storekeeper, who is over 10 years her senior. Grew up and fell in love with him.

Adams Family: Close friends and neighbors of the Richardsons. Also of farming and military stock, but not as prominent. 

What does the plot consist of?

Right now, it's composed of several vignettes, looking into the world of Ancora Spei. There are some threads of international intrigue and espionage, Ancoran home life and culture, advocates for bringing the outside in...all sorts of stories that roll into one.

Will it stay this way? Who knows.

What is the setting?

For the most part, a hidden land mass in which a plane crashed with thousands of Catholics on board escaping persecution. It is a sort of temperate island, based off of Sardinia.

What gave you the idea?

Persistent daydreams, reaching all the way back into middle school, of what I felt my own personal utopian society would be like. It wasn't until college, however, that I really started to codify everything. I guess I didn't feel like it should leave my head before then, but it turned out to be the perfect end project for my Utopia class in college.

Who are the favorite characters so far?

No particular favorites. Not yet anyway. 

What is the favorite scene so far?

The first one that I wrote, which details a historian's introduction into some of the laws of Ancora. I worked really hard on that section, lol. 

Any themes of music for this work?

Barra McNeils, "The Clumsy Lover's Set"
Anuna, "Media Vita"
David Davidson, "Farmer's Hands"
Marc Streightenfeld, "Planting the Fields" (Robin Hood, 2010)
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, "Highland Cathedral"....actually the entire album, tbh. 

Any drawings?

Sadly, no. Not even avatars. Sorry guys. It's just a baby yet. *bobs Ancora, who giggles* 

Any snippets?

Mrs. Johnston settled herself on a wooden chair by the dining room table. “So…you’ve been here for five years now. How do you like it, Sarah?” 

Sarah Dennis smiled as she stoked up the fire. “I like it…now. At first I hated it. I thought I already was a pretty good stay-at-home mom, I never realized how much more I would have to provide or how much attached I was to my online life until I came here. And learning how to carve out a living on this land has not been easy, I’ll say that much. But my husband refused to let us be bored and I must say, the kids were very game; I was really surprised at how much simple play that they could come up with.” 

“I was going to ask, how are they holding up?” 

“Well, the younger ones adjusted much better than the old ones, but Louisa and Felicity now have an even larger social life than they did in America. And this time, I can approve all of the company that they keep!” Mrs. Dennis set out a cutting board and began to chop up some vegetables that her son had brought in as they had been speaking.

Mrs. Johnston laughed. “That must be a relief. No worries about stalkers online, no bad boyfriends, nothing like that at all!"


There were a few minutes of delay before scurrying feet could be heard and the door being opened. Tavi noted the ease in which the no doubt heavy door was opened and a small woman emerged. 

“Oh hello, Jess-Ack! Madame L’Superiore! Sancte Jeanne D’Arc…”

Madame L’Superiore laughed “Ora pro nobis. At ease, militissa! I’m not here for official reasons. Though I am relieved to see that you haven’t forgotten protocol.” 

“Then why are you in battle dress, my lady?”  

Madame L’Superiore looked down at her full black dress with chain mail overlay, sword and combat boots and looked up rather sheepishly. “I’m afraid I did not have time to change, Amanda. I just came back from western Syria with another planeful of refugees.” 

“Was it successful this time, Jessica?” 

“Very much so, thank you. No casualties, at least none from Ancora; Deo gratias.” Madame L’Superiore raised her eyes to Heaven briefly at this ejaculation. 

“Deo gratias. Is everyone home safe now?” The woman brushed her hands down her skirt, which reached to the tops of her heeled boots. 

“All the Ancora residents should be home from there, yes. Some of foreign regiments of D’Arcs and McAngs stayed behind to secure the area.” 

“Well, thank heavens. Hopefully the foreign regiments can take over the refugee assignments now.” 

Tavi looked between the two women with some confusion. D’Arcs? McAngs? Refugee assignments?? 

Strong point in story?

Umm, well, considering that it was the only thing that I actually focused would have to be the world building. *sigh*

Weak point in story?

Literally everything else. Need I say more? 

What are your plans for it?

Right now, I'm not planning on publishing this story. I'm probably going to write it for my close friends and family and that will be it. A lot is so personal to me that I don't feel that there would be a good market for the story. 

Any particular writing habits for it?

Ahh, not really. I haven't written anything for this story in four years, so whatever habits there were, are simply not there anymore. 

If it were made into a movie, what would be your ideal cast?

Ehh heh, you all know my casting abilities will never rise to this occasion. Or at all, for that matter. So I leave it to your capable imaginations, with the very little that I have given you, lol. 

Soooo, what do you think of my little wide-eyed baby? Chat with me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. It sounds like the book: 'The Awakening of Miss Primm'. :)
    By the way, I think you would absolutely LOVE to read that book!! It's very sweet and I imagine exactly what your kibd of thing would be :)

  2. This sounds really great! A Catholic utopian society would be amazing. :) And I love the title, too!

  3. Okay, so all of this sounds fantastic and I want a guarantee now that I'm on the list of people to read it. *blinks eyes imploringly* :) Please?

  4. Aww, that's the last one...? Oh well... Well, I wish you the best of luck with your youngest! This premise reminds me a lot of Lord of the World - somewhat how I imagine Ireland in it being, with the sorta last Catholic refuge of the world aura.

    Lovely post - thanks for joining the link-up! (And chin up about the last baby... 'Tis the unfortunate burden of a motherly writer, but 'tis also a sign of many ideas and efficient writing!)

  5. I echo Lucia Marie--definitely got Miss Prim vibes from this one, and definitely recommend that you read that book. Tis lovely. Ancora Spei sounds lovely, too! All the aesthetics. *heart eyes*

  6. Hi, Catherine - Grace and I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award:


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