Musing on August, Hailing September (2021)

12:27 AM


Greetings from the Cave! 

Well, I must say, I am awfully glad that summer is finally waning. I know, I speak near-heresy considering that summer is normally my favorite season. But this one? Bleck. Such heat, such humidity, such RAIN! Makes a person want to stay indoors - not exactly a good mood inducer, I must say. 

But with the excitement of the new season (and the start of yet another semester of grad school, wohoo!) on the horizon, what has been happening around here? 

- Started re-reading Redwall again to get the fantasy juices flowing. 
- Tried reading more of my previous historical fiction read, but I may DNF it. It's clearly a beginner writer who was in bad need of an editor. 

So yeah, in a reading slump. Again. I think I need to actually *gulp* buy some books. Cause...I don't think I'm gonna make it to Christmas. 

- Speaking of buying things...I bought the Night of the Museum movie trilogy for $12 at Walmart. Because this is what I do - look for good movies at cheap prices (my max is $10 a movie, in case you were wondering). I watched the first movie with my family and I have beautifully confirmed to them that my taste in movies is eccentric. Oh well, they liked it! 

- Editing on TWR has been picked up again!! One of my betas became my accountability partner, and that has *finally* gotten that sluggish muse of mine to cooperate. I'm now up to 13k on the fourth draft! 

- The Wade Girl has been officially introduced! Though, to be fair, I haven't done much in that much writing in that department yet. 

- Been on a classical kick lately because I needed to find some stock music for *yet another* upcoming project! And so I've been adding a few Baroque pieces (which, by far, is my favorite classical period)

- I've *finally* broken up my "Opera of Romantics" playlist. The Italian music is in the Italian playlist, the unknown music is in the International playlist and the Opera music has stayed put. Thus, "The Opera Box" is now a thing, with 3 full operas in it - Carmen, Aida, and The Barber of Seville (a new favorite, which doubles as my Music Rec of the month!). As I explore more operas, more will be added in. 

- For Working by Candlelight, I have written one post: Should I Start a Podcast? In which I flounder in my lack of self-confidence...

- For The Rebelling Muse, I have written one post: Another Little Literary Child. Because one can never have too many WIP announcements. 

- For The History Cat, I have written no posts. What a surprise. I'm sure you all have figured out by now that this blog is on hiatus and it will probably stay on hiatus for quite a bit. Which is quite unfortunate, but it must be done for now. 

- Edit TWR

I estimate that I've edited at least another 500 words or so on TWR since I last updated you? It's hard because I'm not taking daily counts anymore. But that might change....

It's hard to believe that we are rounding the corner on 2021. Sometimes it feels like I have gotten nothing of significance done. And yet, I am sure when I look back, it will be much more than I think, for that's what always happens. 

How has your August been? 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. I'm ALSO really glad that summer is waning! (Although it's not super noticeable yet in Illinois. *dies from humidity*)

    Ah, Redwall is so much fun! Enjoy. :)

  2. I should read Redwall I loved the show as a kid, but I don't think I ever got to the book.


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