2020 Goal Tracker

I started creating these "Goal Trackers" in 2018, in order to gain some accountibility for myself - because even self-starters like me get burnt out every once in a while. Because my 2019 tracker worked pretty well, I decided to carry over the tradition into the new decade.

However, I was unhappy with how messy and long my 2019 tracker list became. The addition of monthly goals really didn't help matters. So instead, I'm going to give a summary of the yearly goals first and then have monthly summaries following them. Any additional goals or accomplishments during the month will be featured in the "Life Happenings" part of the wrap-ups.

2020 Yearly Goals 

1. Create a publishable manuscript for The White Rose

Jan-Feb: Finish 2nd Draft
March-April-May: Break - beta reading?
June-July: Edits - July Camp NaNo Project
Aug-Sept: Beta/gamma read
Oct-Nov: Break/NaNo project
Dec: final formatting of TWR - look to publish?

2. Start establishing the author platform

Since publication is a definite goal, I want to start extending the "Catherine Hawthorn" persona beyond the blogosphere. This is also going to take some specific goals, which will be determined later on, closer to the end of the year when TWR is in shape.

3. Write either "Rose of Culmore" or "Shattered Chandelier" for April Camp NaNo

After such intensive writing on TWR, I will need something a little...shorter. And I need a change, working on TWR for the last few NaNo events is rather boring.

4. Participate in NaNoWriMo

I'm not sure what the project is going to be this year - but my guess is that it's either going to be finishing the second draft of Fair Winds or...maybe starting PST or SOI?? Who knows??

5. Cross off 10 more movies off "The List"

This is now a standard yearly goal because otherwise...we never would be able to tackle that list. Like ever. At this current rate, we'll finish it in another...8 years. Plenty of time, right?

6. Make at least two trips to the library. 

Seeing as how the bookshelves can't handle any more books and the Kindle selection is lousy, I've decided I need to frequent the library again. And maybe frequent the library across town too...

7. Finish the vlogs that Lia and I recorded. 

I've put off editing some vlogs that Lia and I recorded back in September. One, at least, is now out of date due to my procrastination, and so I need to get moving...

January Summary

Goal #1 (TWR): Continued editing, have reached 6 k words.
Goal #2 (Platform): No progress.
Goal #3 (April NaNo): No progress. To be expected.
Goal #4 (NaNo): No progress. To be expected.
Goal #5 (Movies): No progress. To be expected.
Goal #6 (Library):
Goal #7 (Vlogs): No progress.


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